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Boxing Bootcamp and Glove-Pads Sets

With Boxing at Bootcamp, we are encouraging everyone to have/ buy their own Gloves and Pads now (You can get really good values sets online which we will send out recommendation shortly/ put on facebook) The aim is to still have some sets of gloves available (New starters / forget them/ don't have access to get them yet) but with the past 18 months and covid still going on; the measures taking in place are unrealistic for every set of gloves and pads to be cleaned to the extent they need to be! 

Boxing is the one thing we have been most cautious about starting back and still need an element of caution (Although we are allowed legally) You will also appreciate that over time and the gloves being used outdoors, in the wet and mud that they deteriorate and not always the most pleasant to use; so having your own set to use will be cleaner, less risk of transmission and also they will last longer if only you personally are using! It's also more realistic that everyone can clean and maintain their own gloves / pads rather than on mass. 

When we do start boxing sessions we appreciate that not everyone will want to box straight away so if you do not then please just let us know and there will be alternative workouts to do 

Boxing Gloves and Pad Sets Ideas below: 

This is a quick update so more to be added shortly 


I have now lost about 22lbs since January 2011 and 17lbs of that has been lost since joining in July 2011, it\’s now September

- Phillipa Clark, Leeds

When I first started Bootcamp people I know used to comment, “You\’re Brave!” I\’ve found since joining 2 months ago it\’s not as scary as people make out I have began a new way of living and it\’s good to see that it\’s paying off by becoming fitter each week and seeing the lbs go the right way on the scales-downwards!! I have been to a number of sessions across available and each session has been fun and never the same as the last. All the instructors are encouraging and people within the group are positive too. It\’s good to know someone will encourage you to press that little bit further than before because they know you can do it, even when you think you can\’t

- Charlotte English, Leeds