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Better night’s sleep for health's Image

Better night’s sleep for health

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February 02, 2015

Would you like a better night’s sleep for health?“So how can UK Outdoor Fitness assist you for a better night’s sleep for health and well being?”Do you have a bad back?Are you stressed?  (NHS and Stress)Can you feel your bed springs?Have you got the right bed for your health and well ...

Fitness Assessment 2015

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January 08, 2015

Fitness AssessmentFitness Assessment 2015 taken by Lee ParfittThe UK Outdoor Fitness Assessment assesses aerobic power and muscular endurance and comprises the following elements that must be completed in the order shown:a.            1.5 mile Run (A...

Crime Prevention and Vehicle Safety's Image

Crime Prevention and Vehicle Safety

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December 04, 2014

Protecting your car and crime prevention!Written: Paul Smith – UK Outdoor Fitness Director.Over the Christmas period is imperative to help against crime.Personal Experience: “2 years ago I had my car broken in to on Christmas eve with Christmas presents, sat nav and money in my c...

Christmas Timetable's Image

Christmas Timetable

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December 04, 2014

Christmas Timetable 2014Christmas Timetable in Leeds – Sheffield – York – Castleford and Bradford.Class changes are mentioned otherwise classes will still be on. (This may change)Saturday 20th – All class as normal (Kippax Swimming pool as school closed)Sunday 21th – All classes as normalMonday...

12 Days Christmas winter exercise challange's Image

12 Days Christmas winter exercise challange

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December 01, 2014

12 Days Christmas ChallengeHere is our 12 days Christmas winter exercise challenge.You have 12 different exercises to work out to in the form of time of reps! You can work your way through the challenge daily and then back up so  this will last 24 days. This can go in-l...

Pre workout food

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November 24, 2014

Pre workout food – Advice tips and truthsWhat to eat before a fitness class?Written by Rob Maher (UK Outdoor Fitness)Why you should eat prior to a workoutThis blog post is to give our members a better understanding about what the right foods are to eat to optimise performance at boot camp ...

Why you should use Body weight training?

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November 05, 2014

Body Weight TrainingWhy?1. Super-efficient workouts. Unless the goal is to look like Arnold circa 1977, the days of two-hour workouts are numbered. Research suggests high-output, bodyweight-based exercises such as plyometrics yield awesome fitness gains in very short workout durations...

Men’s Health at Work

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October 22, 2014

Men’s Health at work and reducing your stress levelsUK Outdoor Fitness top tips for men to reduce stress and improve there overall health whilst coping with the everyday health pressuresTake a break a workIf you have a lunch hour, take your lunch hour or your allotted time, go for a walk, and make s...

Nutrition and Portion Control

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October 08, 2014

ImageUK Outdoor Fitness present Nutrition and Portion Control : We have collaborated with Nichola from Nics Nutrition based in Yorkshire to give you correct information with no spiels on secret fad “special diets” or latest trendsThis will also help you improve your performance, ...

Winter Survival Tips for Outdoor Fitness

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October 07, 2014

Winter Survival Tips for Outdoor Bootcamps and fitness ClassesWith the winter fast approaching we thought it would be beneficial to put together a survival guide so you can continue to enjoy your classes and be ready for best season for training!!Here is a winter survival top tip guide for boot camp...


I have now lost about 22lbs since January 2011 and 17lbs of that has been lost since joining in July 2011, it\’s now September

- Phillipa Clark, Leeds

When I first started Bootcamp people I know used to comment, “You\’re Brave!” I\’ve found since joining 2 months ago it\’s not as scary as people make out I have began a new way of living and it\’s good to see that it\’s paying off by becoming fitter each week and seeing the lbs go the right way on the scales-downwards!! I have been to a number of sessions across available and each session has been fun and never the same as the last. All the instructors are encouraging and people within the group are positive too. It\’s good to know someone will encourage you to press that little bit further than before because they know you can do it, even when you think you can\’t

- Charlotte English, Leeds